Eonon Problems"There is a reason EONON’s warranty is only two months - even if you buy direct. Insert the SD card and left the Eonon header. Purchased a esky RVC licence plate. Disc Play USB and SD Card Player. If you read the full description, at least at the time I bought it, you could choose 3 of 4 accessories to receive for free. The master of this network is the radio/ CCC depending on options. 0 and all version APK Install; APK Eonon User Manual or related instructions can be easily acquired by just entering the EONON GA7163 for Mazda 3 2010-2013 Android 6. anyone able to update the software for this ga9363? im having problems updating the software because the unit does not recognize the update file eonon gave me. Although steering wheel controls will work with the Eonon, I don't have any on the old motorhome, meaning that I can't control the phone from the wheel. I returned to my car about an hour later, and it was all back to normal. The internal amplifier offers 4X65watts. Make sure the GPS antenna has been securely connected to the unit. Common Problems on the BMW E90. Specs from Eonon are as follows: Specifications: -ISO 2 DIN Size. Why is the GPS function not working? A. Approximate dimensions: 7"W x 7. Inserted SD card and left the Eonon head unit on. Figured I'd make a thread to document my experience with this unit, since I didn't do so with the last one. 0 Car Stereo,in Dash Touch Screen, 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Octa-Core Applicable to 3 Series 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003 and 2004(E46) Support Dual Bluetooth. Posts you might like Hearts of Iron IV Won’t Update?. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GA9450 7" Android 10 Car Stereo GPS Radio Bluetooth Fits BMW E46 325ci 330ci M3 at . It includes instructions and diagrams for different kinds of wiring strategies and other products like lights, home windows, and so forth. I went on Eonon's website, described the problem, and within hours received instruction from their engineers on how to resolve the problem in about 30 . It is important for the dealer, isntallee and the end user to be aware that this problem can occur. Incompatible EONON GM5162 to ford OEM SONY head unit ( HI-RES PICTURES ) Tags sony eonon gm5162. Eonon G2203 Manual Online: General Problems. Condition and Testing: When tested, the unit powered up and played a DVD, but had problems ejecting and requires repair. Eonon will only pay for return shipping. Here's my issue: I'm a new PA user; I installed an Eonon brand Android head unit in my car and the stock player is garbage. So my Eonon D5151 Bluetooth stopped working. This is a 2021 model Android HU from Eonon, off Amazon. Excellent Customer Service: 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason! 18-month warranty for any quality-related issues! Any problem, please feel free to contact us! Check the email address of the AMAZON PAGE to get the details. Eonon's correct MCU software since it is a KLYDE unit, will have the words MTC(B)(D or E are interchangeable) followed by KLD, you should make sure you know if you have a KLYDE unit or different, since they can create more problems if for example you flash a KL MCU firmware but have a KLD MCU firmware originally from factory. jp: [2020 First Sale Android 10 Navigation] EONON Car Navigation, 2 din Android 10. Disconnect and reconnect the unit to reset it. Just wondering if anybody had come across this same problem before? In a Nutshell I installed the Eonon GA9453B head unit in our mk6 golf for my wife. D: H: M: S Support WhatsApp: 86-13686826480. Turned key to position one and turned on head unit. eonon ga8153 slow performance google maps, eonon ga8153 wi fi problem, unitate audio dedicata vw eonon ga9153a montata pe un vw touran 2003, eonon ga8153 vw touran 2008. Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them. MARCH CLEARANCE SALE TIME LEFT. I have just recent installed the Eonon D5103 into my Vauxhall Astra and I'm having some issues with acouple of things One is the refresh rate on it is crap - it seems to ghost the previous image on the screen when flicking thru the menus, and on the Sygic GPS is really slow to refresh too. Unanswered Eonon Car and Truck questions & open problems. Solution: The solution to this problem is that if the backlight is defective, then you only have to replace the backlight of the car radio. Eonon have told me that the Bluetooth only work with devices that don't require a pin and the radar detector device i need to connect does not require a pin but still it does not work. The best Eonon Mazda 3 of 2022 is found after hours of research and using all the current models. Eonon 1012 Touch Screen Problem. The problem was, I only paid 200 bucks for the head unit and it was going to cost a TON to ship it back to have it fixed. Eonon E838 problem viewing DVDs. I have managed to resolve a couple of them, so I figured I'd compile a list of solutions to share with you all. The old unit works fine but the problem seems to occur when connecting the ISO Harness that came with the player. I Owned 1 of the eonon double din for the last year and never had any problems, wifi works fine, dvd player works, BT no problems with, dash cam is ok, gps i have NEVER used ive only used Google maps, radio does drop out but thats because of were i live, the only problem i had was the side buttons lost led light but i dislodged the wire for it. It wouldn't have the capability and system drivers to connect to an iPhone. I would defiantly recommend buy their products and say that if you have a question about anything they would be quick to respond and help you the best they can. Except when I enter the reverse gear this unit does not connect to the factory fitted camera. Our support team has been notified and we're working to resolve this issue. Is there any sequence in it like on-off in order for the unit to recognize the update file?. I just received my Eonon GM5151 unit today, and have begun the process of figuring out how to install this into my 2005 Mazda 3 without causing any problems. When I insert an SD card or usb sticks, the unit detects the. The head unit started freezing, then the touch screen became unusable. Common Problems in Motorola One Action and Solutions. Once you've ruled out the head unit that is. If your Windows computer or Mac computer, Android, or iOS phone displays advertisements from Eonon. Verify the antenna lead is connected to the antenna jack on the rear of the car stereo receiver and that the connection is secure. info is a fake webpage, identical to Globalvideo. The unit itself is a motorized 7" touch screen with DVD, TV tuner, USB plug and an SD slot behind the screen for photos. currently messaging eonon do you have the same problem . Eonon Ga7150A | Bmw E46 Android 6. info shows notifications to trick you into clicking on Eonon. Bought on eBay from SunBoBo Digital directly. TechWiser | Tips, Tricks & How to. Disconnect BATT+, and then reconnect power to reset unit. Hello, I'm hoping that some of you have this unit or an android phone and can help me The WiFi wont turn on. Eonon Ga6165 Review Bmw E90 7 Touchscreen. Eonon ga7163 install instructions. Turned key off, waited 10 seconds, turned key back to position one and head unit powered back on and read the SD card. Not quite sure if eonon has set the setting wrong and i need to change it or i need to goto a custom rom or I need to pull the unit apart to find out. Eonon D5150 Screen Startup Problem. Common Problems in Motorola One Action and Solutions One of the essential things you need to do is to recognize the actual fault present in your phone. Top Winnebago Dealer in North America. Copy the folder of files to the SD card. "Eonon customer service was quick to respond to my question and helped me solve my issue and even sent a video to help me with my problem. Getting this timing right is one of the critical steps of this process. It is a good idea to design the system to avoid most obvious source of this kind of problems, and then be prepared still to face some problems when starting to use the system. Trying to figure out if it is a issue with the unit, or something I did during install. Ended up returning the whole unit since I didnt like the fit, but overall it worked okay. "There is a reason EONON's warranty is only two months - even if you buy direct. So taking the radio out would make this network inop. Everything plugged up nicely, and the fitment was perfect. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 2022 Android 10. Wiring Diagram contains numerous in depth illustrations that display the relationship of varied things. AUX, FM, CD) but has a second Oct 08, 2017 · I was not happy with the Head Unit in the Australian C-HR Koba so I replaced it with a 1 DIN, 8-inch Android Head Unit from Joying. After getting it going there seemed to be some comms issues with the CAN BUS, it only talked to each other for the first 10 seconds after ignition switch was turned on. I don't have the greatest confidence in how well the Eonon is put together. I just upgraded to the new eonon unit after seeing it perform in another 3 in our group. Remote controller does not work. Basically it was going to cost more than it was worth. Eonon GA5167 amp and subwoofer install issue Electronics | Audio | NAV | Infotainment. 0 Lollipop 8inch Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnection, US $ 202 - 209, 8'', Dashboard, Bluetooth. So I have a Eonon headunit with a USB box that allows carplay/ will be done to solve it but not hopeful as it maybe a Eonon issue. My 2018 36LA has the access port on the dash which allowed me to release the Kenwood. Eonon 7" DVD Divx ICE TV MP3 Car DVD Player Reviews. No further testing was performed. These are the issues that I've had with my Eonon radio for my 2012 mazda3. What is more, global problems concern not only ecological sphere, but the human race as well. User Manuals – Eonon Support. I have managed to resolve a couple of . Eonon GA9363 troubleshooting. Especially when it comes to solving problems with your backup camera, the first thing you have to determine is how much control you’re realistically going to have over fixing the problem. 0 Oreo system, high-end Rockchip processor of 4GB RAM, Octa-Core & 32GB ROM. After installing the Eonon D5150 I wanted to do a review and give some installation This was a problem because of the Can Bus version 1. Eonon GA2170 Double Din Stereo sound problem only trouble is, i have lost all sound. This is a problem on ALL direct injection systems, not unique to BMW. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 12, 2020. I'm slightly annoyed that you can't cycle to the A2DP app when you cycle through the modes. Eonon E838 problem viewing DVDs. Definitely has modernised my 10 year old car. What should I do if there's no picture on the screen? (power light is on). Direct fuel injection certainly has some advantages over manifold injection systems, but one of the big drawbacks is the carbon buildup. Eonon GM5151 - 2004-2005+ Mazda 3. I cut and swapped the wires to fix it, but . The modules on the network are sat radio, amplifier, radio, ULF, instrument cluster, TCU. BMW_APP_TW_4049-405F-0709-L146-140 219 Instructions: 1. Check if the problem occurs with a single button or all buttons and check if the problem occurs in all modes. The carbon buildup problems in E90 n54s are because of the direct fuel injection systems that they use. I just bought the Eonon GA9165B Android 7" head unit for my 2007 BMW E90 and I think I may have a potential problem with my Auto Start Stop button as I don't think they have considered that some E90s may have this option and that there is a button that comes with it. When the system is unable to work or there is problems after user used the system, it can be restored to the factory settings. I'm actually a therapist (with my own stress and sleep issues), but I use this app to help me wind down and sleep. It integrates pretty well with my car, such as the steering wheel buttons. It shows a screen with a spinning cogwheel or wheel depending on which device you have. 2022 Newest Double Din Car Stereo, Android 10 Radio with Bluetooth. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Hey guys, Recently installed an Eonon 5157, Front speakers are working fine but nothing from the rear and sub, any Idea how I could rectife the problem, been looking around and see a lot of people have issues with aftetmarket headunits but can't pin point the exact issue, do I need an extra. 10 Best eonon touch screen: Editor Recommended. Joined Nov 24, 2019 · 9 Posts. Previous Eonon units were compatible with the fuel computer (long-term mpg, real-time mpg, avg speed, etc), the upper LCD on the 2006-2009 models, and steering wheel controls. I have connected my phone to my Sound bar and portable speaker so it's not that. I would recommend eonon as an option for a budget E39 stereo install. After installing the Eonon D5150 Car DVD I wanted to do a review and give some installation tips to make it alot easier to install. However the main problem is that the viewing angle is horrible when viewed from a right hand drive vehicle. Problem replacing Kenwood DPX502BT with Eonon GA2178 Getting the Kenwood out is tricky because the removal tools do not quite work. Hi GT-R, I get your point! Haha you and your gf are so sweet! Eonon will make your relationship even sweeter! :thumbsup: Recommend you this general unit E1026U which is with super Dual Zone Function(E1083 GPS box doesn't have this function), it can satisfy your need!. EU UTC+1 1T, FR, etc (2:00AM ~ 11:00AM). Hi guys, I just installed on my Presara 2010 a new Eonon GA5146F head unit with navigation and all seems to be working well. 6 stars: 'There is a reason EONON's warranty is only two months - even if you buy direct. Eonon head unit Canbus comms issue Mk6 golf. If you’re on a tighter budget, NVGOTEV offers you the best value on sale here with 9-inch display and good overall specs, for a value that won’t break the bank. For the money, it's a homerun and always worth it for a car nearly 20 years old in spite of some of the poor rap eonon gets around here. Their offices are closed until Monday since it's Saturday there already and I'm trying to find a solution to this problem so that I didn't just waste 360 bucks. Any problem, please feel free to contact us!. Symptoms The unit cannot be powered on. Eonon said that it uses both the mic on the unit's face, and the external one together, perhaps for noise cancelling. The GM5151 is pretty much the same thing as the D5151, but it includes a NFC reader/controller that is supposed to allow for quick connection and screen. Beemer on the road · Registered. How To Update the Software in the EONON 5150 Car DVD. The best combination EVER with Android 8. 10 Best Eonon Mazda 3 of 2022. Hey all, I've recently purchased an Eonon GA5151F Double Din unit, and have run into a few issues. 0 Octa Core Car Stereo Gps – Eonon Wiring Diagram. To the contrary the screen is viewed beautifully from the passenger seat. Eonon D2208 DVD player has major problems. The screen goes black, and then after a few seconds the device reboots into recovery mode. For navigation software, just need to install corresponding APK. Once the unit has started, find a sharp object and press the restart button above the GPS card slot to further confirm that there are no problems. I still don't have good enough call quality to use the head unit for making calls. My friend wanted one but i also wanted the new split screen feature of the new 7. But as soon as the 60 days were up, and the same issues persisted, I was informed that I was not eligible for a replacement head unit unless I paid. Enter the default password for your unit (0000/8888/1234) The screen will display"Connected OK". For the money the 5150 is a really good deal. It can be set to answer automatically, though, so that isn't a problem. I had an Eonon in my 13 HB for a bit and bought the USB dongle directly from Eonon's website and used the app provided and it worked. Hey guys! I bought a "black Market" Eonon GA7165S, a bit slow, but at an afordable price, at that I have read trough this forum, similar problems, but not one helped me!. No sound comes out or it 's hard to . The Audiobank AB-s300bt resembles the Eonon M1 and seems to have a lot of the features I want, except it doesn't tilt. 0/IPS Display/GPS, Built-in CarPlay & DSP Support Android Auto/Fastboot/Backup Camera, 10. Eonon was made aware of the issue and their response was basically "do the thing the guy says to do". Since we have already gone through the Eonon Mazda 3 research process, we understand this problem. Eonon Bluetooth troubleshooting. 7 stars: “They won't onor their warranty, I've told them that the stereo stoped working and after 8 months they have said that I can send it back to them in China but at my own cost and I will be resposable if something will happend to it. 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM (Hong Kong Time). Ground loop problems can be corrected and avoided. You can refer to the Part 2 for solutions. I believe the issue is that the Eonon built in mic picks up . info, then you have accepted notifications from this scam. #head unit android mobil ANDROID CAR LAUNCHER FREE. Jump to Latest Follow Submissions are now being taken for MARCH E46 OF THE MONTH 1 - 20 of 21 Posts. I have a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T and installed a Eonon AG 2180 android head unit ( https://amzn. Tackling a difficult problem can often leave you feeling that you don’t know what to do next. The Android unit itself is not bad. Eonon D1305 car DVD player I am a big fan of the Eonon brand, but I have never purchased a car DVD player from them and awhile back ago I decided to buy the Eonon D1305 car DVD player from them and to be perfectly honest with you guys, this was a great investment and needless to say I am extremely happy with this purchase. Steering Wheel Controls are suuuuuuuuper sensitive! Solution: My Radio is not. You can now place and receive calls through the unit. The Vios has practically the interior ripped out from a Yaris with all the same faceplates, harnesses, fittings and sizes. I though I'd post here rather than the car forums as I think it's more of a computer type problem, even though it's in the car!. I also tried my GF phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and two of my roommates phone (iPhone 6+, and Samsung. hey guys can anyone help me with some wiring,i have a 2002 525i i just got a eonon d5124f touch screen stereo everthing is working exept the ilumination,sterring wheel controls and the dvd player can anyone help with a wiring diagram or vidio of what wires from the bmw wiring harness go to what for these problems go to the radio,thanks in advance. Once it’s restored to factory settings, all the third-party software would be deleted, and the current system settings would be lost. Eonon GA9540 Head Unit Install Discussion + Ran Into a Problem. Figured I'd give a little review of this Chinese Android display I put in this afternoon. I installed the mentioned head unit in my car a couple days ago, and ran into a problem. In the picture it shows the top of the unit sucked in a little away from the bezel, that's because of my screw up putting it all back. It's a fairly OEM looking setup, retaining steering wheel controls, with a full set of all-in-one modern features. Support WhatsApp: 86-13686826480 1-916-4398686 Email: [email protected] android and LED firmware have each offbeat consistency issues. In order to be able to offer you the best Eonon Mazda 3 available on the market today, we have compiled a comprehensive Eonon Mazda 3 list. the eonon dvd player is quite good during 2 years of using. Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. The head unit is an Eonon GA7153 mIts just a no name Android head unit. 110,599 likes · 226 talking about this. com User Manuals for Eonon Car DVD, Android Car stereo, Android car DVD. Emailed the support team at Eonon. Please help - SOLVED!!!!!! Ok, so I've had an Eonon D5108ZA fitted with no problems for about 6 months. I sold my 7163s to him and bought the 8163 and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Eonon GA5153F Android Radio. to/3atbA00 & Eonon GA2180 | 7 Inch IPS Double Din Car Navigation HD Full Touchscreen with Android 9. I removed the unit, tried my old headunit, which didn't work either. 10 Best Eonon Touch Screen of 2022. its been working fine for ages now, ever since the . having problems with the antenna connection. I replaced the Eonon unit and had the same problem. Check if the corresponding buttons on the remote controller are working properly. I'm not sure it's my anthena problem coz the old radio also have similar problem. Have a mk6 gti with a new eonon g5153f headunit. (1) 1 product ratings - Eonon Android 10 9" Car Radio GPS CAN Bus Stereo For BMW E46 320 330 323 325 M3. The symptoms of the problem can be different from what truly is wrong with it. Help & support Eonon Car and Truck owners by providing helpful answers, troubleshooting tips & repair advice Page 76. Eonon D5150 Screen Startup Problem. Anytime developers fix a problem they introduce an other problem and there's no community support for MTK chipsets. If so, the buttons on the panel are faulty. I bought an Eonon Head Unit that unfortunately was the wrong fit for my car. Generally speaking, Eonon is reliable… Read Full Review. Hi all, I have had my Eonon Head Unit in for a week now and on the whole I am happy with one exception the quality of the FM reception is awful making the radio pretty much redundant. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 Eonon GA9463B with Apple car play Eonon radio . Navi failed about 8 months after installation, then the screen went black, it took me a while to figure out the GPS SD card was the cause, I guess the card g. You should see an Eonon logo and the unit should start the auto-update itself. The problem started happening when I removed my seats to clean the interior. 0 Double Din Car Stereo, Eonon Octa Core 4GB+64GB Car Radio with BT 5. Hey, I bought the Eonon 1011 for my girlfriends Punto (53 Plate) for christmas - went to fit it for her today and theres no power going to the unit at all. They've replaced the first one due to random digital time changes, s. A station having a low-powered transmitter can cause reception problems, as well as a station that is a distance from where you are and the signal loses stamina by the time it reaches you. If the problem is intermittent then maybe have a test light attached to it and jiggle stuff around and see if you can make it light to narrow down the problem. I experienced issues at the moment of install, and yes, they tried to help. Don't know if this latest unit will, but I'm betting they'll continue to support compatibility with those mentioned OEM features. I bought a GA9350 Head unit from these guys. eonon DAB+ DAB Digitale Audio Broadcasting Box NUR für: Amazon. User Manuals for Eonon Car DVD, Android Car stereo, Android car DVD. Catch the Chance! More Eonon products, please search Eonon and know our Million Expert Store. 0 2GB RAM Quad Core Processor Split Screen Multitasking. The Eonon brand produces high-quality products for vehicles designed to be user-friendly and to enhance your experience while on the go. EONON PLUG AND PLAY MULTIMEDIA NAVIGATION UPGRADE 2003, 2004 RANGE ROVER HSE Perfect fit for your 2003 and 2004 RANGE ROVER HSE / SUPERCHARGED (L322) models. See Eonon FAQ to know about our payment, shipping, shopping tips, troubleshooting, and more. About a week ago the unit turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on. I had it all out again today to ensure the antenna's amplifier was receiving 12 volts at the adapter so it's. 0 Pie Car GPS Navigation with 10. Eonon update android [email protected] We had a problem loading this page. It does not support JBL Speakers which I have in my car. I will be trying out one or more other microphones in its place this weekend. Search for the unit on your phone and select the device named EONON or CAR KIT. eBay Eonon DVD GPS Navigation Problem Fixed. My phone Galaxy S6 will pair with it, but it will not connect. Have met a little problem once, but after consulting their after sale service, they help to solve the problem with patience immediately. Some of those depend on options of course. I had the ga7163S and the 8163 came out. press and fully release the On/Off button 3 times, quite quickly as in "1-2-3". When your support team comes back to work, they get a concise report and recommended actions for every one of them. Eonon E838 problem viewing DVDs picture all other displays work fine it even sends the picture to a second flip down monitor but wont play on the main screen any one else had this problem. I had the 32gb Microsd, fomatted to FAT32 and directly pasted the file in the root folder. i had it installed by a professional radio installer. Dears, anybody tried Eonon GA2178 - 10" Android 9 Head Unit? I'm actually on Eonon GA2168K - 10" Android 8 Head Unit, it's a good device with minor problems. The Unit: The E1012 retails for 227 shipped with all PayPal fees included. 0 Single Din Car Stereo, Eonon Quad Core Car Radio Buy on Amazon. Eonon E1057 Final Review Opening statement: Item was never intended to be installed into a Vios, but into my sister's 2007 Yaris Sedan. Eonon Upgrade for Range Rover (L322) 2003. This is a much appreciated option and something I required of any in dash GPS. Established in 2002, Eonon is a car electronics company committed to offering customers affordable and high-performance car multimedia. The e90 uses a communication system called MOST which is a fiber optic network. My experience with Eonon has been horrendous. The issue is hardware and not software. Android Car Navigation User Manual. The Best Double Din Head Units with GPS Navigation. The screen just totally goes off while listening to the radio. Problems usually surface if a new tablet or phone uses a new standard that is not supported by, say, a 10-year old car. I was thinking about some other products, like the Clarion NX501, but for that price, of at least $300 even on eBay, I think I would rather spend more and get the M1, which is a new product that came out like a couple months ago. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Voting is open for March's E46 of the Month Challenge! 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. He told me the problem was a faulty antenna connection on the head unit. I think the camera line is not connected in the harness provided. Eonon GA6165 (Aftermarket). Thread starter an10er; fine it even sends the picture to a second flip down monitor but wont play on the main screen any one else had this problem cheers.